My name is DJ and the Disciples were the students/followers of Jesus, and that is what I consider myself to be. It’s a permanent reminder of who I am, plus I wanted to get something I had never seen someone with before. Tattoo courtesy of Jeff at Vivid Skin Tattoo, York Pennsylvania.


My names Cory Schneider and I have BEAT-DOWN tattooed on my knuckles.  I got it when I joined a body-suspension team that was calling themselves BEAT (we came up with quite a few meanings for the anagram, none of which are repeatable in polite company).  I got DOWN on the other hand because I have OCD and would have hated to be unbalanced.  I always have to explain to people that it has nothing to do with fighting and all to do with my love for body modification.  I had the skeletal structure of my hands tattooed around the knuckle tattoos.

c’est la vie – LOVE SICK

Hi there, my name is Pascual Romero, and I have a hard time finding jobs ;)

I kid, but I do have knuckle tattoos, and I thought I’d share mine.

The “c’est la vie” statement is something I like to live my life by.  Loosely translated from French, it means “such is life” or “that’s life”, which is my rather laid-back way of looking at what comes my way.  Bad day, good day, it’s just life and it’s up to me to take it for what it is.  I think it’s a very positive way of looking at things, personally.
Second, my “Lovesick” tattoo across my lower knuckles was actually the end product of the little heart tattooed on my right middle finger.  I got it in honor of my TV show “Rad Girls”, where I serve as the associate producer and occasional on-screen personality.  I wanted to incorporate it into something clever, and being the romantic that I am, figured it would be a pretty fitting statement.


All knuckle tattoos, all the time