These come from pessimist, Mickey 22, of Wheaton, MD:

i got my knuckles done when i was 17 ive been through a hell of alot in my life and constantly heard how unlucky i was so i decided to embrase it and let the tattoo remind me that no matter how good things get theres always gonna be someone ready too shit all over it!!


Taylor sends us this note:

The names Taylor and I’m a gear head
I’ve loved cars since the first car show i went to when i was like 5.
Over the years I’ve come closer and closer to my dream of custom fabrication
and  what better way to show my love then these bad babies.


Alicia sends in this new twist on the double up:

Hi, this is my boyfriend and his mate. On a show holiday, they were bored, had few and were keen to get some ink for something to do. They were keen to get their knuckles tattooed so they tried to think of something. My man came up with “wham bamm” on one set of knuckles and “thku mamm” on the other, so that’s what they got. My man now has a full marvel sleeve so the “wham bamm” on his knuckles really suit his sleeve to the whole comic theme. And the funny thing is, our mate has a sleeve of pin up chicks and he has “thku mamm”.


Just got this set in from Cam from St Albans. They were done recently at Renaissance Tattoo in Rickmansworth by Adie. Cam’s story:

I went for Fatality, as on my 8th birthday my older brother bought me a copy of Mortal Kombat II on the Mega Drive… It was such an awesome game, and still is! I completely blame my brother for exposing such a young’un to an 18 rated game, to the extent that I believe it was the first trigger that set me up to become alternative in my later life. So thanks Punk… This one is for you. FINISH HIM.