Dave Bireley is back again, and trying to force my hand to create a new category (9-Down), but he didn’t realize I already had an “other” category. Good to hear from you again Dave. This is his reason for getting his double (and a thumb) deckers.

Just had these done 3/12/11. Story is that ARCH ENEMY is my favorite melodic death metal band.


8 Ball here is the real deal. A one man wrecking crew. If you see STAY DOWN coming at you, there is a good chance you shouldn’t have been up in the first place. He is one of the legendary bouncers in Austin, and the stories are every where. Heart of gold and hands of iron.


Jonathan from Michigan sends us these knuckles with an explanation to match:

I have always felt like I see the world in a different manner then a lot of people, and so I go about living different, with open eyes. Which too me means, bassically you cannot go through life with your eyes closed (ignorance), and you should absorb as much as you possibly can from your surroundings.