Max Halls sends us these delicious knuckles:

I run a ladies tea club and we meet on a regular basis to bake, knit, gossip, drink tea.  Most of us have children and are very busy (I have 3 kids and run a business from home) so when we can get together its a really special time.  The tattoo reminds me of my lovely ladies and of course, my favourite thing, cake.


Some times in the course of this project, I meet the nicest people. I’d like to introduce y’all to Sega. He works down at Oat Willie’s, one of Austin’s finest head shops. He explained that he had spent some time homeless and always enjoyed life no matter the circumstances. One hell of a nice guy. Thanks for letting me take the photo!

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Hello loyal knuckle tattoo fans!

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Jason Green sends us this set of knuckles and his reasoning:

I got this to go along with the “HEATHEN” written on my stomach and the “No Gods. No Masters.” written on my collarbones. But they are mostly hidden which is why I wanted my knuckles done.  I don’t believe in god or religion. I live by my convictions, and I wear them on my sleeves, literally.


Greg sends us these knuckle tattoos and the following story:

my names Greg I grew up in New York and recently moved to california.. I struggled with addiction for 9+ years i got Stay Gold because to me it reminds me to keep it pure for me “natures first green is gold” Keep my life like it was before I turned “the wrong way”


I met Lauren at the Red Eyed Fly during South by Southwest. She was great and let me take photos of her knuckle tattoos. When I asked about the meaning behind them, this is what she sent me:

My knuckle tattoos are rather ironic, and pretty straight-forward. Love is a concept everyone should be able relate to, and I live strongly by the word. I suppose it’s more of a personal statement to society. I’ve never been in a fight, nor would I ever want to inflict harm on another person. I got my knuckle tattoos not only for myself, but as my own way of being an open book to society, as well as having an easy gateway to outside conversation.


Jesse Bink is a bad ass mofo. His knuckles and his reasons:

hey man, im Jesse Bink, i’m a tattoo’er from NYC, and my HOLD TRUE knuckle tattoo’s are based on a feeling i have that you should hold true to your convictions whatever they may be, mine being Straight-Edge… the small staggered knuckle set was a dare by a good friend of mine after calling me out on a “i will get paramore knuckle tattoo’s i love that band so much.”…. so i cant back out of a “you wont” challenge… hence, paramore knuckles… i DO love me some paramore though… dont like it? fight me.