NYC Tattoo Convention!

Hey y’all!

I’m going to be visiting the NYC Tattoo Convention May 13-15th!

I will taking pictures and collecting stories for a magazine/book for publication after the convention. Catch up to me via email ( or twitter @knuckle_tattoos and make sure I get a picture of your knuckles. Even if you have submitted your knuckles to the site before, I’d like to meet you and take a picture in person. Then we can high-five and get drinks! It is going to be awesome!

See you there!


Here’s a set of knuckles from a derby girl, Miss Dollface DeVille:

I’ve wanted my knuckles done for such a long time. I work in a tattoo shop in Northern Alberta, Canada and one day I spontaneously decided to offer up my hands to one of the artists.
I’m a 26 year old mom of 2.
Dollface DeVille is my roller derby name. If you don’t know much about derby, all skaters develop an alter ego or alias that they go by. Most of my skater friends know me as Dollface and rarely call me by my actual name which is Jen, by the way.
After 4 years of being known as “dollface” I figured it was time to make it eternally so.
I love my newest and most visible tattoo and I’ve gained some extra street cred from my derby girls!


Die-hard fan Bert sends us his knuckle tattoos and story:

Dead By Dawn is actually an accessory tattoo to by back and arm pieces. All three of these are inspired by Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 film. The only real personal meaning they hold is of I guess somewhere in the Horror movie dork world. Also I wanted 10 letters for my knux and the only other thing that fit was “UNHIREABLE”.

Planet 13 is of more of a personal nature and a tribute to Wednesday 13’s Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. Back to the Horror / Sci – Fi dork thing but some gender bending background as well.


These come fresh on the hands of Joshua:

This is just one of my hands done. The other hand isn’t finished. You should notice the M is actually the Scorpio star sign, and Amen in it original meaning is ‘So be it’ and that’s how I apply it to life.



Bireley is at it again. I think he is officially out of fingers.

Hi again Nathan. I’m back for the 3rd time but without knowing if this tattoo work I just had done fits with your website & the knuckle concept. Anyway, if it is worthy of your site the words are obvious enough in saying that I try to & I hope others also consider having an OPEN MIND.