I’m Justin Crawford from Mt. Vernon, Ohio  My knuckles say Hard Knox which is the name of the tattoo shop I work at. And Knox is the name of the county I live in!

Done by Tony Campise at Hard Knox Tattoo in Mt. Vernon Ohio. It’s a hard knox life!
and from Left to right in 2nd picture   Reptar Funk  Justin Crawford  Tony campise


Travis Bennett sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I got these tattoos because I am a Chef and that is what I will always strive for no matter were I work or who I cook for: GOOD FOOD!! I got the egg and pig because of old childhood memories of eggs and bacon in the morning, plus those are my 2 fav things to work with.

Mail Box….

Hey y’all!

I get email every once in a while, and I thought I’d take a moment to share a recent exchange:

Hey Nathan.

I’m a huge supporter of the knuckle project. I check in every day to see new ones. The tats are so cool and the stories are even more legendary. Ive been wanting knuckle tats for a long time now but I’m only 16. I can’t wait to send in mine when I’m 18. I’m stuck on SDMF 1994. Can’t wait!


I responded with:

Hey Brendan,

Thanks for supporting the project. It is definitely a labor of love. I have to say, though, please don’t get your knuckles done. I’ve talked to a lot of people about their knuckles and what they mean to them. While a lot of people love and cherish their knuckles, plenty of people also regret having had them done. There is still a lot of hate dropped on people with their knuckles done, which is bullshit. But it still happens.

I’m 38 and I’ve been working on this project for 5 years now. I still don’t have my knuckles done. Your knuckles are the final frontier. You have plenty of time to get them tattooed. Hopefully you will pick something more meaningful to your life as a whole instead of the year you were born and a band you liked in high school. If I had done that, I’d have 1972 and TMBG across my knuckles.

Trust me, friend, wait as long as possible to get your hands done. You are going to go through a lot more shit soon. Something epic will happen. Commemorate that instead.

Thanks for writing in,

Nathan Black
All knuckle tattoos, all the time.


A lady known only (to me) as “plasticisfantastic” sends her knuckles and this story:

Got the words “Baby Doll” on my knuckles a couple of days ago! I got this tattoo because everyone tells me I look so innocent all the time and I look just like a baby doll! So the nickname just eventually caught on to me.

All knuckle tattoos, all the time