Jazu Maxwell sends us these knuckles and the story:

love more is my advice/request/mantra/projection to the world. i always admired the classic ‘love hate’ knuckles, but never wanted the hate bit. when i decided it was time to get em inked, i was still stuck, what is there besides love? oh yeah, nothing, just more love.  i am a lover not a fighter, always have been, always will be.  never been in a fight, not that i plan on changing that, but really, how could you use love knuckles to hit somebody?  and when i turn my fists in on myself, which does happen from time to time (figuratively), i am reminded that all i need to give myself is more love, not a hard time.  also its a nod and a guilty smile to my inner gluttonous heathen. i love the good stuff, food, sex, art, drugs, music, and lots of it.  want some more? hell yes. i always love more.  considering color, not sure yet…


Kaboe Kavapalu sends us these knuckle tattoos and the following story:

Thanks, really stoked on how they came out. The reason I got “life time” was to remind myself that we only have one “life” and all we have is “time”…so might as well have the “time of my life”. My best mate tattooed them, he recently got married and is living in Norway, so I took a trip out to visit him and while i was out there he laid this ink down for me.


Nicole Dunn sends us these knuckles and the following story:

Well my last name is Dunn, & I’ve been called lil’Dunn & almost dunn most of my life cause i’m the youngest of three siblings. Now that I’m 41, & anytime you do business with me I’ll shake your hand & quote “now that’s a dunn deal!” there are several meanings behind my tat!