Corz of Queensland, Australia sends us these knuckles and the following explanation:

Pretty self explanatory, got WHAT UP YO because its something I say a lot and thought it would get a smile when people saw it.  Also have an 8 and  3 on my thumbs.  They were done at seperate times as my favourite numbers.  But also make up the year I was born.  Faded to hell now and need redoing though.


I met Dan today at the skatepark. We skated for a while and then I noticed his knuckle tattoos. When I asked him about them his story was basically, he was hanging out with his friends and one of them had a tattoo gun, so he has a variety of small home tattoos. He got drunk one day and woke up with HELL BENT. He guesses that maybe they were listening to Judas Priest.

All knuckle tattoos, all the time