Jim Thompson sends us these hands and answers the age old question “What will your knuckle tattoos look like when you get older?” The answer is “Fucking awesome”:

Just came across your site and thought I’d send in my knuckles. The right hand has the four elements for fire, earth, air and water… all part of a theme for my right arm. The left hand has MCML on the upper knuckles. It has a double meaning… first, it’s my birth year in Roman numerals… yeah, that’s 1950, I’m an old fart. It also means “my choice, my life”… below that, MYOB… that supposed to remind me … “mind your own business”… sometimes it works, sometimes, not…
These were done by my buddy, Jax’n at The Body Gallery in Sterling, Virginia. The shop is owned by Jenny Kreer. Awesome lady!!!!   .
.. great shop, great people! If you’re in the area, drop by and check them out!!!






Damon V. of Bozeman, MT sends us:

I got “TRUE LOVE” a few years back when my daughter started living with me full time,to me the love for your child is true love.  The tattoo was done by Gordon Snyder @ S.I.C. Tattoos in Bozeman (now Butte) MT.


The tattoos on my knuckles spell out “Dakota” with two paw prints, it’s the name of my dog. I’ve had her for ten years now and have wanted her name tattooed on me some where and at the same time I wanted my knuckles done, and her name fit and I could put paw prints on my pinky fingers to show it’s my dog’s name. And yes she loves them. And so do the ladies.


Matthew T. Palumbo has been through it all:

After prison, surviving Hurricane Katrina and eight days of the aftermath, and almost getting killed a few times down here in New Orleans, I figured that this was the most appropriate thing to stick on the ole knucks. Needless to say that I’ve earned a little R&R. This was done by one of my closest friends Chris De Angel who was home from Washington state and doing a guest spot at Tattoo-A-Go-Go here in NOLA (badass shop opened by Donn Davis). Chris is a resident tattooer at Lucky Boys Tattoo in Silverdale Washington. 


Hi!, my name is Jonathan Malraisont Kautt and I’ve been living in Thailand for over 17 years. I just got this set done a few hours ago at Tatta Tattoo Studio here in Chiang Mai.They were done by a good friend and tattoo artist Em Vans. I wanted to get them done for a while now, and 2 days ago, I decided to get an appointment and Voila!!!. I chose the words HAVE HOPE for the simple reason that I believe that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter what situation we’re in, we should never lose hope, we should always believe in our hearts that we can make this world a better place and believe that we can!!!……everybody, HAVE HOPE!!!!