Steven G. sends us these knuckles:

Here are my knuckle tats after their first and second sessions. I work a lot with my hands so I’m healing them in sections… My knocks are a two-fold homage to ‘The Outsiders’ as well as a nod to Bring Me the Horizon’s song ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ line “Throw your diamonds in the sky, we’ll stay gold forever”. My knuckles are me, I can never deny myself, and if I stay gold… I might just leave a mark and “live forever”.


Crissa La-Lynn sends us these digits:

I don’t really have a huge amazing story for getting these tattoos. I know a lot of people either get “love hate” “stay true” but stay true actually means something to me. I feel its important to always stay true to yourself cause in the end you are the only one you have.


Aprille sends us these words and the story:


this is my favorite album of all time that as gotten me thru alot of the bad times, pretty much all of my bad times. its an album by ATMOSPHERE. i plan on getting my hands done with the rest of the phrase, which is “embrace how i live ‘cuz” then on my knucks it says GOD LOVES UGLY. its a work in progress, need to be redone. but it has a lot of meaning to me, im not a #1 fan or anything, just very sentimental in a music way


David Bowen sends us these beautifully gnarly knuckles:

I got this tattoo a few months ago, primarily as a large step to dedicating my life to MMA and becoming a professional fighter. Touch – up/improvement to come next time I get some work done.