Baelee Black sends us these little rockers and her story:

i have always loved knuckle tattoos because they usually describe a person to the soul core.For years i wanted knuckle tattoos but i didn’t feel hard enough or ruff enough or sad enough……..lost soul……fuck yall…….sour mash(dead road dog named after a whiskey)……mama tried.None of these things were even close to describing me but still i thought they were so darkly romantic and beautifully done with faded colors and trashy fonts.I am a housewife of 11 years with 2 kids and never in one place more than 2 yrs.I have had many types of jobs and deal with this strange world daily but the one thing i’m awesome at is making a nice home for my kids and being a damn good wife whether in a mansion or motel room…i am a HOME MAKR and am proud to wear it on my fist!


My name is Dave and I live in LA where tattoos are common. I have been wanting to do my knuckles for twenty years, but I didn’t want ink on my knuckles that looked like everyone else. I had a list of twenty different 4x4s for consideration before I decided on cursive LONE WOLF. I’ve always been a loner and outcast from society so this represents the core of my soul, plus I can relate to the wolf for traits in my personality.

All knuckle tattoos, all the time