I’ve wanted knuckle ink for a long time and decided on the Latin words, “BONA FIDE.” Most of us think of this as meaning, “the real deal,” or, “true to the game.” The Latin translation is, “in good faith.” I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out!!

-Ron Long, Tennessee


Miles from Camrose, Alberta, Canada sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I got cake on my left hand to cover up the foolish tattoo i got when i was married. The K is from my ex. After realising that it wasnt working out i had to get rid of it or get something else, My brother thought of using CAKE and his reasoning was that everyone likes cake. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Im in the process of getting LIFE on my right hand and IS on my thumbs. i’ll send in pics when its done and i think i mght poach an idea from your site and go with the pacman theme on my lower knuckles.

Tattooed by Rex at Fatbaby Custom Tattoo

UPDATE 8/16/2012: Miles sent in his complete knuckle tattoos:

Hey it’s miles again. I sent in my left hand awhile back.  I got my second stage finally done on my knuckles. Thought I would send ya a pic. I got the new ones done at Ink Addiction in Saskatoon. If you want a better pic let me know.


Hey guys! I’m tiffany,  I love your page and had to send mine in as soon as I got a decent pic.  Here’s my picture and the story behind em.

Someone near and dear to me started calling me dollface years ago and it just stuck. I adore being called Dollface and after soem thought I figured it was dainty enough to be tattooed on my knuckles. My favorite part of it is the girly skull, my artist knows how feminine I am and even gave her a little bow, every time I look at my hands I can’t help but smile!




Jim Warner sends us these carbonated knuckles:

Got this tattooed a couple years ago. I may have a bit of a (diet) coke problem. The little store next to our shop only sold Diet Pepsi for the longest time, so when he got a Coke cooler I decided that was all the reason I needed to get the knucks done. Some folks think about a BAC, I worry about a BDCC.


I’m Justin Crawford from Mt. Vernon, Ohio  My knuckles say Hard Knox which is the name of the tattoo shop I work at. And Knox is the name of the county I live in!

Done by Tony Campise at Hard Knox Tattoo in Mt. Vernon Ohio. It’s a hard knox life!
and from Left to right in 2nd picture   Reptar Funk  Justin Crawford  Tony campise