Spazy For The Win sends us these really sexy knuckles.

Decided to get Good Game because im pretty much a gamerholic and i ALWAYS say Good Game without fail on any game what so ever and have done for years and years so thought it was fitting. Good Game Guys!


Gramschi from Leeds sends us these knuckles and the story:

Hi there. These are (obviously) my knuckles, done by Gareth Miller at Black Crown Tattoo, Leeds, England. Long Road is basically how I seem to go about everything of value and import in my life, whether intentionally or not – I end up taking/travelling a Long Road. This can make some things feel like quite a slog, and occasionally dispiriting, but it also serves as a reminder that, invariably, I arrive at my destination with a thorough appreciation for the journey, and a knowledge that I haven’t cut any corners to get there.


My name is Michael Cole and im from Phoenix Arizona.
Story behind my knuckles tats:
This was way back when i lived in North Carolina. I was sitting on my couch, having a toke with some friends, and we got into a conversation about tattoos. I really wanted to get my knuckles ink’d and I had seen alot of people with the Love and Hate tat’s. Of course as the smokers were we got into how its really just about love man, so that’s where Just Love came from. Also i liked the double meaning so I immediatly went to get the work done down @ a local shop. The tattoo artist gave me a really hard time about doing work on my hands with me being so young. I also got some roman numerals done on the smaller bridge of the fingers to represent divine numerals. I’ve never regretted it.
That’s my story!.
Tattooed by Glen @ Glen’s Tattoo Shop, Wilmington NC


Oddvar Telstad sent these knuckles in a long time ago (twice) and somehow they fell through the cracks. Sorry about that Oddvar! Here they are now!

The lightning is fram tha AC/DC logo.
The I is for my doughter Iris
The cross is the Cross of Infinity, for the infinite love for my girlfriend.
The spade is for luck.


My name is Joe Moxley and I’m the co-owner of the clothing line
Legionnaire, with Mike Herrera, the singer of MxPx. I got LOVE MORE
to remind me that my friends and family are the reason for our success
and to love them more each day. Tattoo was done by Kay Boak at
SouthSide Tattoo in Ashland Oregon. She is also designing some the
new shirts that will be out this June. Thank you for your time.


My name is Ludwig Witt and I live in Sweden. I got my knuckles done yesterday and I really like your site so here they are. The only story behind them is this.

I got the words from an old John Mayall album called Hard road that features Peter Green on guitar. I thought it suited me as I’m a drummer and I’m on the road quite a bit. Since the A’s ended up on the ring fingers I wanted to do stars instead of A’s but my tattooist Räven (it means the fox in swedish) suggested spades instead and I think it turned out great. Hope you like it.