409TX TM601

Hi, I’m Kristopher “Crucial” Waldrep. I’m a tattooer at Gill Montie’s Tattoo Mania in Beaumont, TX.

My fingers were tattooed by Waylon Hart from Anchors Aweigh in Sugarland, TX. I got 409TX because that’s where I’m from and TM601 to represent Tattoo Mania 601 Park St.

My thumbs were tattooed by Shane Montie on a Friday the 13th, hence the lucky number 13.


Paul K. sends us these knuckles:

these words mean a ton to me.I have been through hell and back-addictions, locked up, beat up, divorced. Been lied to, fucked over, left for dead, healthy and sick, battered bruised and broken, and just generally ‘through the ringer’ more than your average person.
Finally this year I have realized that I’ve paid my dues in life ,and it is now time to let go of the past and enjoy life. i guess another benefit of these tats is that I now feel able to do whatever the fuck I want. The knuckles give me the right. (in my mind LoL)

ink was done by Nick Rodino at The Bodyworks Tattoo Studio in Troy, NY


Alrighty…I am Felicia! I am 38 yrs old. I got this tattoo on my knuckles cause of my Father-In-law.(May 6th 2010 so its still fresh) He is Irish and he use to always tell me…..Look at HERSELF….which is a Irish saying, that means Me! Father -In Law past aways 6 yrs ago, so its a memory of him…R.I.P. Erc Thomas O’Connor Sr. always in my heart! I always loved when he said that to me and I love myself as well……Thats my story! Plain and simple!!!


I have CAST AWAY on my knuckles. The story behind it for me has two meanings, One is the saying to “Put Away Your Worries” and the other meaning behind it has to do with me always ending up being alone. Even though I know people are around me, I always feel alone and through past experiences I have to keep my self there to ever make it in this world. First thing you learn out there is that you have to make it in this world alone. Number one rule out in the streets and just in plain life.
I’ve been thinking about adding to get the “double decker” style saying Your Fear, Which will have a third, self explanatory meaning. Take care from Brandyn McKnight, Costa Mesa/LA/Irvine, CA
Ink provided by Newport Tattoo