My name is Dave and I live in LA where tattoos are common. I have been wanting to do my knuckles for twenty years, but I didn’t want ink on my knuckles that looked like everyone else. I had a list of twenty different 4x4s for consideration before I decided on cursive LONE WOLF. I’ve always been a loner and outcast from society so this represents the core of my soul, plus I can relate to the wolf for traits in my personality.


Andy Bremner sends us these knuckles and the story:

These were done by Laura Kennedy at Timeless Tattoo in sunny Scotland!
My reason for “memories” is simple, they’re something you’ll always have, be it good or bad, and I guess they remind me of my childhood when I look at them :)


Laurel Wolfe sends us these knuckles:

I have two philosophies in life: To Live & To Love. I also believe we should live to love. Thus my knuckle tats. I have never regretted my word choice; if given another chance I would choose the same words again. I adore the message they give to those who see them.


Paul Lynch of Halifax, England sends us these lovelies and his story to follow:

Just thought id just send in my New Tattoo. Speakes for its self really with what it is but the reason i got it is obviously i love films, but more so evil dead is like a childhood memory. i saw the side of The VHS at my aunties house when i was about 8 an straight away the font of the title drew me in, i took it out an saw the front cover an straight away thought “Woah i gotta see this!”, i know 8 years old is a bit young to be lendin your nephew 18 rated horror movies but shes a cool auntie like that! so yeah, thats the reason. its was the first film that really fuckin grabbed my balls! (my small balls at that time :) and really made me get into films. Cheers.