Savannah Watson sends us this set of knuckles and the story behind them:

i’ve been an avid, nay, OBSESSED reader since my mother taught me at the age of 4. by the time i was in 3rd grade, i was reading at a high-school level, and by the time i was in 6th grade, i was reading at an undergraduate level. reading is my life, i cant think of anything or anyway i’d rather spend my time. out of all my tattoos, my knuckles are hands down (no pun intended), by far and away, my favorite. i also LOVE the fact that i have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like them, including people who don’t like tattoos at all.

interesting side note, and i hadn’t even realized this until 2 days after i got them, if i hold my hands the other way, they read “readjust”… and as a stress-filled person, i’m constantly needing to readjust my perspective.


Hey guys!
So I have wanted knuckle tattoos for a long time now, and I had my mind set on what I wanted. 1BAD MAMA.
My mind was made up. That was going to be it.
Then yesterday, in the midst of conversation, knuckle sandwiches came up…. EPIPHANY!
“Sandwich”  I’m all for silly/stupid tattoos. I have a smilie face on my thumb so when I give you a thumbs up… it’s smiling at you… among many other silly random tattoos.
If you can’t laugh, it’s not worth it.

No deep meaning behind my knuckle tattoos. Just that if you give me any lip, I can give you a proper knuckle sandwich now.


www.jeselynonline.com (Ed: Warning, NSFW)
Twitter: Jeselynonline
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Hello , my name is Mike and I own a tattooshop in Belgium.
Recently a friend/client of mine made this tattoo. BEUS. According to him it means : When someone gets to close , its the sound that people will hear when his fist makes contact with their face.



I am a tattoo artist at Last Chance Tattoo in Las Vegas. I recently did some lower knuckles on one of my husbands co-workers who just got out of a relationship. She got Love Kills with a little broken heart instead of the o in Love. She also has Man’s Ruin on her top knuckles which her first husband Sean did. Here is everyone’s info  and the picture is attached. I hope that we make it on your site!

Knuckles belong to: Trieka, Bartender @ The Divebar, Las Vegas NV

Love Kills:
Tattooer Rachael Scumbag @ Last Chance Tattoo, Las Vegas NV

Man’s Ruin:
Tattooer: Sean, (not sure where he lives now) Formerly of Precious Slut, Las Vegas NV


Krysta Stonier sends us these knuckle tattoos and her story:

Knuckle Tats done by Todd Lamere @ Body Art Plattsburgh, http://www.tattoovermont.com/

I was always afraid of getting a tattoo until the first one on my back, and have got 8 since (including my knuckles). I’m always doing stupid things, forgetting the littlest of things, and saying even GOOFIER things. So, when I was 17 I thought, “I should get GOOFBALL, just to be a dumbass”. I waited until my 22nd birthday in January 2011 and just… did it! Every time I see someone that knows me well enough, they say, “What do your knucks say?” and I show them and they ALWAYS say, “That’s so you” or “Only you”. So I think it’s pretty damn fitting :)