Red sends us these knuckle tattoos:

There is not much of a story behind this other than the fact that everything literally is Lost Time. Every hour of every day is Lost Time until we die and I think it is important to remember that because we as humans waste so much time doing such meaningless and horrible things. It is a reminder, a statement and a personal creed all in one.


Hey guys my name is Aj and I’m from australia… I got these a while ago now and thought I would share them I got my inspiration from Big-b the music artist from a song that no matter what mood I’m in I can listen to and be happy also a lot of people would agree that this describes me pretty well…


Also have this on both thumbs if ur interested. I got sick of seeing stitches so I got surgical staples instead


Rachel Ludwick sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I really dont have a great story behind getting them. I have just always Loved potatoes . I was homeless when i decided to get them and i was eating alot of potatoes becuase they were cheap and easy to get. I get ALOT of strange looks when i show people what my knuckles say. Most people just think its really weird.



My name is Smashley. I chose the ‘RUDE DAME’ knuckle tatts becasue, you see, I’m not exactly lady like. I drink, smoke, and curse like a f*cking sailor. There’s times where I can be a fiesty one when agitated. All in all, I’m actually sweet little gal that bites hard, when needed. So it can be considered a psyche-out. I’d actually consider it a warning. Teehee.