Knuckle Tattoos of the Alamo City Tattoo Expo

Hello everybody!

Two weeks ago the crew headed down to San Antonio for the Alamo City Tattoo Expo. We met a ton of great people talked to them about their knuckle tattoos. I got some great pictures and we heard some great stories. My pal Kai from Mad Pengin came along for the romp and caught a bunch of interviews on video. We will be posting the videos as we have time to edit them all together. In the mean time, here are the photos I took. As always, if these are your knuckles or the knuckles of someone you know and you want to add the story, just email me at nathan[at]knuckletattoos[dot]com and I will feature the story in a separate post.

Check ’em out!

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Mika Lahtinen sends these knuckles in all the way from Helsinki Finland:

the story behind the knuckles is very simple, in this great world we live in you can do two things either sink or swim.

the 51 on my thumbs is the area code, of the part of helsinki that i live and work, so my life revolves around this area

tattoos were done by krisse at legacy tattoo in Helsinki, Finland



Don M. from Toronto, Ontario just sent theses knuckles in. They were inked by Shawn at Blood, Sweat and Shears in Toronto, which is a place where you can get a tattoo and a hair cut. Amazing. I love it. But on to the story:

“SIDE SHOW has a double meaning for me: I wanted to acknowledge in a light-hearted way that some people still see extensive visible tattoos as a bit freakish, but also to remind myself that my own tattoos are a side show… an important and visible part of me, but not the main part of me.”

UPDATE: Looks like Don got his thumbs done too, check it out:


And the continuing story:

Here are a pair of “thumbskulls” (rhyms with “numbskull”!) I had done in July. They go with the SIDE SHOW knuckles I submitted earlier and were done by the same tattooist (Shawn). I’m not sure that flaming skulls need much explanation in the tattoo world, but I got these done because I race bikes . . . when I see my flaming thumbskulls on the handlebars it reminds me to focus and go faster . . .

Coffin and Hourglass

Coffin and Hourglass

These are the knuckles of Ben Tupper, Hereford UK. His story is a timely one:

Basically I woke up this morning (07/7/07) and like you do sometimes, I was thinking about death. I began to think about how finite life really is and how I need to be more spontaneous. So, I went to see my friend in town and got the hour glass and coffin, kind of to remind me that times ticking away. Plus I want to move work on to my hands gradually.

Tattoos Done by Mozza at Aaargh Tattoo Studio in Hereford UK.


All I know about this one is that the guy’s name is Jarret and he is awesome. His knuckle tattoos are a tribute to the first Star Wars movie’s subtitle “A New Hope“. On his thumbs the symbols for the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. “Shoot First” is a reference to Han Solo shooting Greedo in the Cantina scene. In the original film Han shot first, killing Greedo in cold blood. In the remastered version, Greedo shoots and then Han retaliates, taking the teeth out of Han Solo and making his eventual redemption considerably weaker.