I’ve been talking with Finny for ages now and I finally got it together to post his knuckles. Here they are along with the stories behind them:

What would Finny do? SINK SWIM is his yin and yang. Has a devil side and and an angel side, and tattoos themed to match. Thus his swim is on his "good" side, comedy, his mom. SINK on his left for the bad, tragedy, father.
Fruits and veggies - his mom said he needed somethign to remind him to eat his fruits and veggies every day. He is going down the path of organic farming.
The Crawfish/Lobster. The only piece of Sailor Jerry flash on his body. Sailor Don, busted out actual Sailor Jerry Red and mixed it with everclear. Salt and pepper shakers adorn to add a little spice.



This one goes out to my pals in the Austin Facial Hair Club. Although I can not grow a beard of my own, it is important to support those who can. Lauren Ray of Pensacola, FL sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i got this tattoo because well, i LOVE beards. Everyone knows it, so i decided to truly show how much i do by getting it tattooed on my knuckles. The thumbs were a last minute idea and i love them. Tattoo courtesy of 3 Saints Tattoos, Pensacola, FL.




These knuckles come all the way from Natalia in Costa Rica. I don’t know what she is saying, but I’m pretty sure it is awesome:

my name is natalia, from costa rica! ;) y me tatué stay calm, porque soy impaciente, estresada y me altero por todo, aun teniendolo tatuado, i just cant stay calm ;) pero voy progresando hahahaha….
oh and a diamond. made my alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, san pedro, costa rica ♥

UPDATE: Since several people ponited me towards google translate, I’ve gone ahead and added the rough English translation: 

my name is natalia, from Costa Rica! ;) Tatu and I stay calm, because I am anxious, stressed and altered by me throughout, even keeping a tattoo, i just cannot stay calm;) hahahaha … but I make progress. 
oh and a diamond. made by alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, San Pedro, Costa Rica ♥


These knuckles come courtesy of Tiina K. of Finland. Here is her story:

I had dreamed about knuckletattoos for quite long, but I had so many options and didn’t really know which one to choose. Suddendly my depression got a bit worse and I went through a difficult process with getting to know myself. I’ve always been a social and loud girl, and talked alot. Yet I noticed a change in me, I had become very shy. I took words “Live loud” to remind me of being proud and brave, and leaving behind that quiet mouse I was. I chose this font cos I’m a huge fan of oldschool tattoos and especially sailor tattoos. That’s why I chose anchors for my thumbs also.
They were done by Hexa666 (

And here are her thumbs: