These knuckle tattoos come from just south of Montreal, Canada. I’ll let Ace do the story telling:

I am a professional tattooist and owner of Ace Valiant Tattoos in Ch�teauguay, Qu�bec, Canada. I decided last year to finish my right sleeve (pretty much Christian theme) with writing on the top of my hand and my knuckles.

Because I already have Jesus face in my inner forearm with IHS lettering underneath, John the Baptist on the top forearm, immersed in water, a dove and light, also the verses of Mathew 3:13-17 from the bible to demonstrate the fact Jesus got baptized.

It was pretty logical to put something to fit the rest.

On my knuckles, you can read some INRI in some old school lettering which means: Jesus of Nazareth King of Jews. I also have a little black cross over my right thumb,and some writing on the top of my hand which says: Only God can judge me.


Nerdcore. This is a function for a mathematical singularity. When x=0 this function fails to compute. As x approaches zero from either direction, it aproaches either negative or positive infinity. Cameron had this to say about his tattoo:

I got the tattoo because I like the idea of math not being well behaved. That sound’s lame and I really don’t mean that in some kind of A is for Anarchy type way. I just think that its kind of nice that something as perfectly fuctional as math can kink up around the edges.

I don’t think that sounds lame at all. In fact I think it’s important to remember that even in the seemingly cold world of mathematics there are things that just don’t come to a reasonable answer.


Ah yes, WASD. The four letter combination every PC gamer knows. W, A, S and D are the ‘holy four’ keys used to maneuver your electronic killing machines through video game space. This top Set was sent in by Matthew M.

I actually got two sets of these sent in. Here is the second set:

This set can be found on Nathan B who attends the University of Massachusetts in Amerhest. Nathan shares not only my name, but also by birthdate. These are Nathan’s first tattoos. He thought that the knuckles are the coolest place to get tattoos (We agree!). They are tattooed in white UV reactive ink. They won’t be very visible under normal light, but under a black light they will show up nice and bright.