These knuckles come via Celina Homer:

Through out my life, i’ve always known who i was, but have always felt like i didn’t belong anywhere, So i got the word “LOST” on my right knuckles. and i have NO sense of direction and it has gotten me into a lot of trouble.

Liz Has Lucky Knuckles

I spotted these lucky knuckles in Penn Station on Liz, who was waiting for a train during rush hour:


She likes the symbolism of the four card suits which serves to remind her that “life is a gamble”. These are on her right hand. Her left hand is still knuckle tattoo-free.

These were inked at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Merrick, New York.

Check out one of her other tattoos over on Tattoosday.

Thanks to Liz for sharing these with us here on KnuckleTattoos.com!

Knuckle Tattoos of the Alamo City Tattoo Expo

Hello everybody!

Two weeks ago the KnuckleTattoos.com crew headed down to San Antonio for the Alamo City Tattoo Expo. We met a ton of great people talked to them about their knuckle tattoos. I got some great pictures and we heard some great stories. My pal Kai from Mad Pengin came along for the romp and caught a bunch of interviews on video. We will be posting the videos as we have time to edit them all together. In the mean time, here are the photos I took. As always, if these are your knuckles or the knuckles of someone you know and you want to add the story, just email me at nathan[at]knuckletattoos[dot]com and I will feature the story in a separate post.

Check ’em out!

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11:11 NDE

These come courtesy of Danny Edmisten:

NDE is my wifes initials and 11:11 on the pinkie… She took me to the tattoo shop and we were sitting there after the artist put the temporary letters on I asked him if my wife could write something on my pinkie and he taught her how to use the gun and she tattooed the :  in 11:11…  It’s black lettering that fares up to white because my right sleeve Im working on is all B/W It’s simple but Im happy with it.


I met Mark at Flip Happy Crepes in Austin. We talked photography and tattoos for a while and I asked about his knuckle tattoos. This is what he had to say:

i’d always been a fan of the knuckle tattoo and always wanted one. but i needed something that worked for me. and DORK pretty much sums me up perfectly, i don’t take myself too seriously so thought it would do the trick. and yeah the other is my wedding band.  the wife and i couldn’t afford “real” rings and this way we can’t lose ’em.

Photo by: Connie Tsang

You can see photos taken by Mark on his Flickr page.