Greg M. sends these knuckles and the following story:

This is my knuckle tattoo of my wife’s name, Kera.  She is the greatest girl I’ve met, and will ever meet.  I chose to get her name on my knuckles because I wanted it somewhere that could never be hidden, just like my love for her.


Rachel McFadden of Louisville, KY writes:
here’s the story behind the image I submitted yesterday.  It’s a love story.
I spent a little time having a conversation with a man a generation older than I am.
I think about him a lot and wonder if I’ll ever see him again.
I’ll know him when I see him because he has the year he was born tattooed across his knuckles.
Some people leave an impression on you.
1975, the year I came to Earth.


Jonathan Nadeau send us this fresh meat and his story:

This is a picture of my left hand that I just finished tattooing myself. I once was a tattoo artist but I quit tattooing for more than 15 years so I have some practice to do to get back on track ! My left hand was available and willing to play the guinea pig. I will need help for the right hand though.


Martin lives in Guildford, England and sends us the following:

Hi, my name’s Martin, I got “N” on my Roman wedding finger to show my fiancee Natalie how much I love her, and how much faith I have in our relationship. We’re both students at the moment and when we finish studying the wedding will be on… We’ve already been together 8 years, engaged for 7!


Hello, my name is Ian and I’ve been following your site for a while, now I have a tattoo to submit.
‘such’ on my left knuckles, just got it 2 days ago.  Oddly I needed to argue my case to all the employees who worked there, and only reluctantly agreed to accept my money.
It’s my 3rd tattoo, but the first I’ve been immediately proud of.
The notion behind it, or what it means to me is the idea of the natural state of things, an acceptance of them based on the idea that ‘everything is necessary’.  Not in any eastern way, but in that perfection is the past, because it is static and unchangeable