HURT HEAL (Dead Love)


So, while in NYC I only managed to pick up one set of knuckle tattoos. I admit, I was awestruck by the city. But what a set. These beauties belong to Bailey, a tattoo artist at Fun City Tattoo. He kindly tooks some time out of his day to talk to us about his hands. He originally wanted to get STAY AWAY but decided to get something more positive, so he got HURT HEAL instead. After that he got “Dead Love” on his knuckles propper. Apparently shortly after that he found the love of his life.

He also gave us a break down on the various artists that contributed to his hands.

  • Burt Krack – Eye and tears on his left hand.
  • Will Lollie – Rose and Butterfly on the backs of his hands.
  • Marcos – the lettering on HURT HEAL.
  • Allan Rogers – the symbols and Hate on his lower knuckles.
  • Tim Lehi – the spider on his palm.

What spider on his palm? Oh yeah…

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Great find today! John T. of New York sends in this thorough set of knuckle tattoos. Pictures with his comments interspaced below:

In the first picture are my initials J & T on my pinkies,and some lucky charms.

The second picture is BABY LOVE, this started as a goof thing I used to say to my wife but the more I said it the more it stuck.

The third picture is my 6 & 5 which is my birth year along with 2 daggers.

The fourth picture is all of my hand tattoos the kanji are Pity on the right and Vengeance on the left.

All the tattoos were done by CIV at Lotus Tattoo in Sayville, New York.

Hey John, those are really great thanks for sending them in! And man that Lotus Tattoo site is really great. Check it out!


This here is Derek. I met him a few years ago at the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival. He makes these amazing Elvis busts with a twist. For example, “Hellvis” is an Elvis with horns and painted red. “El Fez” with a fez of course.My favorite however is “Elvis Presently” which you should definately check out. You can find all these and more at his website: Suffering from Elvis Disease. He also does Halloween themed Virgin Marys.

Like I said, just awesome stuff.

Oh, and the story behind his knuckles? He has narcolepsy.

Three Bars

Three Bars

Jamie’s knuckles, at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon, courtesy of sweet Miss Jenn.

“Its from an old system of hobo symbols. Whenever a hobo would get to a new town they would leave messages for other tramps about the quirks of that perticular town. Like “the cops here will try and kill you” or “the old lady who lives here will give you food” this one means “this is a good place to rest” which is what i needed at the point in my life when i got them. It’s also the meteorological symbol for mist… go figure.
–jamie “