Sunshine in Brooklyn, NY sends us this lovely cupcake. Her story:

i got my first knuckle tat as a gift for myself when i got hired for my first ‘head baker’ job. since then i’ve worked for 2 of THE best pastry chefs in the country and i am working on my own company called cakes4rockstars. when i took on a partner she got her first knuckle tattoo to commemorate it. we both plan on getting new knuckle tattoos every few months in the theme of candy and confections. we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Sunshine, we are all looking forward to seeing your next one!

g33k L1f3

The picture above was recently featured on and I knew I had to catch up with the lady pictured. According to her MySpace, she is the first lady of nerdcore. It makes me shiver with geek pride to be able to add her to this this project. Here is what she has to say about her knuckles:

i uh got geek life on my knucks because im proud of being and living the geek life that i do.
and what society looks down on, i hold on a pedastal so its basically an imagery tattoo of my geek pride and a peep into my life.

And in case you were curious here is an example of her work:



Today’s knuckles come all the way from Santa Clara, CA, courtesy of Nicole S. When I asked her why she picked FUCK LOVE this is what she told me:

I picked FUCK LOVE because of everything I have loved that fucked me over in return. Plus I just had a really bad breakup and was over the pain that love seems to bring me.


These knuckles come to us all the way from Kari in Germany:

Maybe a little overdone, I know, but I’m seriously a lucky girl! It’s my way of remembering how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life and to have the opportunities to live and love that I’ve encountered. <3

Tattoos done by Phetch