Three Bars

Three Bars

Jamie’s knuckles, at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon, courtesy of sweet Miss Jenn.

“Its from an old system of hobo symbols. Whenever a hobo would get to a new town they would leave messages for other tramps about the quirks of that perticular town. Like “the cops here will try and kill you” or “the old lady who lives here will give you food” this one means “this is a good place to rest” which is what i needed at the point in my life when i got them. It’s also the meteorological symbol for mist… go figure.
–jamie “


This is Jeff, he works at the amazing Archie McPhee’s the best toy and novelty story in the northwest, maybe the world. The picture was submitted by the amazing and talented Schadenfreude Lola out of Seattle, WA. Jeff has this to say about his knuckles:

As far as a story goes, I am just a old school video game fan. I was going to get game over tattooed on my eyelids but realized it would fit on my knuckles better.

LOST SOUL (harmless)


Holy crap y’all. Look at this! Our first set of knuckle tattoos from another country. Freakin’ Germany! Here’s a punch line: he got them done here in Austin. And double deckers at that. Here is what Osti has to say:

My name is Osti, I’m a tattooer living in Germany. Eric Doyle did the top part of my knuckles almost ten years ago when he was working for Perfection Tattoos in Austin. He did the bottom three years ago at Jinx Proof in D.C. The tattoo is about the discrepancy between how I view myself and how everybody else sees me ;-). I had no idea how hard it was to take a picture of your own hands.

Osti, we really appreciate you taking the trouble of photographing your own hands. It ain’t easy. I knew we would get knuckles from other countries, I just didn’t expect them so soon. Thanks again!


Edge Erin sent us this lovely pair of knuckles and she has this to say about them:

I have always been just “One of the guys” You know how that is. But I am amazing, I am not your typical prissy girl that tries to be one of the guys. You always develop crushes on your best friends of the opposite sex, I mean if you weren’t attracted to each other some how, would you even be friends? Anyway, I would always say to them if they wanted to be more than friends, that it wouldn’t be possible to keep a friendship after, so I’ve pulled the “I only like you as a friend” thing, too many times. But its true right? … SO I have been called a lil heartbreaker, but “Heart Breaker” wouldn’t fit, so I chose the next closest, “Man’s Ruin” claiming myself to be the ruin of some men. I have also been told that I ruin men in other ways.. (wink wink) haha so its kinda a 2-way meaning.

I also didn’t know of anyone else having it on their knuckles so that helped too. Although it has sort of been a “Job stopper” tattoo, I have found an amazing job at an animal hospital, that doesn’t judge me by my amount of tattoos and piercings.

Tattoo done by: Nick Flanagan @ Dragon’s Lair Tattoo Salem, NH