Rishelle sends us these thoroughly done up knuckles, including the stories behind them all:

Hi! These are the knuckle tattoos that I just got done, and the sides of my hands by Derek Davie at Anchor’s End Tattoo in Buffalo, NY. They stand for the fact that you need to live free of everything that is negative, live free of other people’s negative feelings about you. Live the life you want, the way you want, and don’t give a single care as to what others have to say about it. Live free, imagine peace and love your life. The sides stand for that you have to know more to hate less, less is more and more is less, you have to know hate and hate what you know. Enjoy :]


Billy Crawford sends us these knuckle tattoos, and his story goes like this:

I got Loveless for a few reasons. I came out when I was 11. My mothers response was that I was going to hell and that noone would ever love me. I got it because the gay community is filled with a lot of lust and little love. Every relationship I’ve been in has been short cause they always want more than I’m willing to give. I got Loveless to remind myself not to be Loveless.


Markus Hartel sent us these knuckle tattoos, and his story behind them a ways back:

I’m a street photographer in NYC and recently decided to get a FOTOGRAF knuckle tattoo. yeah, it reads “photographer” in German, my country of origin. it also is my first tattoo, and I feel pretty good about it – holding a camera with it just looks badass!

Check out his awesome street photography at:


Hey guys!
So I have wanted knuckle tattoos for a long time now, and I had my mind set on what I wanted. 1BAD MAMA.
My mind was made up. That was going to be it.
Then yesterday, in the midst of conversation, knuckle sandwiches came up…. EPIPHANY!
“Sandwich”  I’m all for silly/stupid tattoos. I have a smilie face on my thumb so when I give you a thumbs up… it’s smiling at you… among many other silly random tattoos.
If you can’t laugh, it’s not worth it.

No deep meaning behind my knuckle tattoos. Just that if you give me any lip, I can give you a proper knuckle sandwich now.

Jeselyn (Ed: Warning, NSFW)
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