Alahna Cruz sends us these knuckles and the story behind ’em:

White ink – hence the b&w. ‘absorber’. In the last 3 years the 3 most important people in my life told me that I was born broken and with holes in me that I couldn’t fix. Also in the last 3 years, I have gotten out of a rocky relationship, got disowned by a good portion of my life & have learned how to support myself & stay healthy and responsible. This is a reminder to myself that I will find what I’m looking for & that I only need myself (and the big guy).


Sean Bardwell is all about barbecue:

Here’s a pic of my BARBEQUE knuckles. They were done by Rick Meggison at Marked4life.
I started cooking BBQ about 7 years ago. About 3 or 4 years ago I decided BBQ was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started practicing more, writing recipes and created my own brand and logo. Check out my website SBQue.com and you can also follow me on twitter @SBbarbeQue (shameless plug, I know). I have recently taken some more steps towards making my BBQ my living. Rick is my friend and a member of our cooking team @TattoosNQue (I know, another shameless plug). We were hanging out the night before Zombie Jesus day or most commonly known as Easter. I had planned on getting this tattoo a little bit down the road. He convinced me to get it by using the zombie jesus metaphor and calling it my BBQ resurrection…and here we are!


Hi there, I’m Purple from Tulsa, Oklahoma and this is my 9th tattoo. It says ‘LIEBLING’ which is an older German word for ‘DARLING’. I chose it because of my love for the German language and also because it’s a word that isn’t really used very often anymore. It reminds me that although I would love to be someone’s ‘darling’  love is overrated and it can become as obsolete as the word liebling itsself.

For more fun, paranoiasparamour.tumblr.com


Brandon Riquier of Richmond, VA sends us his knuckles and this message:

I had wanted “defeated” across my knuckles for quite a few years now and just recently decided to man up and do it. I was really tired of seeing overwhelmingly positive messages on knuckles and getting to know the people with them and realizing they were everything but. If anything I’m a realist, life doesn’t always go exactly the way you want it to. My tattoo says that – very clearly.