Knuckle Tattoos of the Alamo City Tattoo Expo

Hello everybody!

Two weeks ago the crew headed down to San Antonio for the Alamo City Tattoo Expo. We met a ton of great people talked to them about their knuckle tattoos. I got some great pictures and we heard some great stories. My pal Kai from Mad Pengin came along for the romp and caught a bunch of interviews on video. We will be posting the videos as we have time to edit them all together. In the mean time, here are the photos I took. As always, if these are your knuckles or the knuckles of someone you know and you want to add the story, just email me at nathan[at]knuckletattoos[dot]com and I will feature the story in a separate post.

Check ’em out!

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The Tattoos of the Lonestar Round Up

I spent last weekend at the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up soaking up the sun talking to people, and admiring all the amazing cars and trucks. There was music, vendors, pinstripers, artists and more types of pomade than you can shake a stick at. But most of all for me, there were tons of beautiful knuckle tattoos. Check them out after the jump:

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Ryan H. sends us these double deckers and here is his story:

Here is a picture of my knuckle tattoos. I had my hands in a weird position so the picture looks a little weird, but it’s the best picture I have of them. I got High Five on my knuckles because it’s a really Positive statement. My tattoo artist didn’t think I really wanted it on my knuckles until I came in and asked him to do it in complete sincerity. I have High Five on my upper knuckles, and just to somewhat contradict the phrase…

I originally got STR8 HATE because one of my favorite bands (xBRING IT DOWNx) has a song called Straight Hate with a pretty strong message in it. Although it may be a really negative one, it still has a lot of meaning lol.




Jessica sends us these lovely knuckles from Minnesota:

The Story behind my knuckle tattoos is actually quite simple, but at the same time has alot of meaning behind it for me, as do all of my tattoos.

First off, the right hand “Punk” more or less describews part of the lifestyle that has come to influence who I am, and well my dress style… kind of cliche I guess but that’s how it goes. Left hand, “Byrd”, common term used in England and amongst skinheads to describe a female, and I’m damn proud to be one, as well as being a Skin byrd.

The lower knuckles, “Oi Oi” common greeting amoungst Punks and skins.

Now all together, it’s great for the simple fact that when i beat the crap out of someone, they’ve been punked by a byrd. Oi!

Done in Salisbury, North Carolina at Inksanity’s Gates by James Danielson.


Today I’ve got a great set of knuckles for y’all. They come on the hands of Skye from Australia, she’s 40% covered and working on more. Since so much of the ink is on her hands, I’m going to alternate her story and the pictures of her knuckles:


Mans Ruin:
there are 3 things that can ruin a man
and im a women and i admit i have ruined a few men, so i got that tattooed, guess its a warning :P


Self Made:
in my childhood i was brought up in a poor family and through schooling i got allot of unwanted attention cause i could afford to buy the best of everything like all the other rich kids… now im very sucessful and definatly would be having a better lifestyle than those kids that had made fun of me. im where i am today cause of myself not my family nor friends.. I AM SELF MADE


the 3x’s in the webbing of my fingers stand for a life style that i have chosen. The life style is called “Straight Edge”, for people who are unaway of what this consists of.. its
1.No Alchole
2.No permiscuious sex
3.No drugs
and some other people also believe that you have to be vegetarien or vegan as well, i dont believe that view but i am vegan myself.


True Gent Pure Grim

These double deckers were sent in by Giac Szwarc, a tattooist in Wolverhampton, U.K.:

I had been contemplating what to get on my knuckles for ages and i wanted something todo with my tattooing incorporated into it. then the night before i was talking about it to my girlfriend and she suggested these words because they’re the best way to describe me for her and my left hand contains a shorthand version of my alias. My friend Scott was supposed to do these for me the following afternoon and in return i was supposed to neaten out some lines on his. he didnt turn up and because i was so stoked for them to be done i ended up doing them myself, as can be seen on some lines.