I’m Charlotte from London, England, and i’d love to tell you the story with my anchor knuckle tattoos.
Throughout my life i’ve had struggles with my emotions and behaviour, being diagnosed with bi-polar when i was just 12 years old.
The medications and antidepressants sent me through a whirlwind of problems throughout my teenage years, and it really made me feel as being positioned on this earth was just a waste of not only my own time, but also my family and friends.
I had attempted suicide when I was 14, yet I was luckily found before the angels took me. At the time I was on a weekend break away in the coastal town of Newquay when I tried to take my own life, and my first image of waking up was in the hospital overlooking the sea. I had always a passion for marine biology, and i felt this moment in my life was some sort of calling, watching the waves crashing on the Newquay beach and the boats out in the horizon.

This moment in my life had inspired my anchors – which are weighing me down to earth. No way will I be reaching the skies anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Anchors”

  1. Hey.

    I’ve read through a lot of these trying to find inspiration for my knucks and I have to say this is my favorite. Probably one of the best tattoo stories I’ve heard in a while. You go girl. Live free!

    1. Hiya Lindsey, i’m Charlotte from the post – thank you so much for your comments! I feel Anchors have such significance to my life and no doubt other people have other meanings to them too. Good luck on your inspiration journey!

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