Faye Ryan of sends us these digits:

Done by Jason Ryan @ Rock ‘N’ Roll Tattoo, Raleigh NC  (

I have “motivate” because it’s my job!  As a tattooer and body piercer we have set up our shop (Captain Tattoo and Body Piercing, Lancaster, PA) as a teaching studio where clients of all kinds can be inspired, and we can all learn and progress as a team.  Sometimes you need a little extra push to keep going.

My lower knuckles, still in progress – are a tribute to love, my favorite band, the eye that sees all when I flip people off, and the teeth i’ve lost..


A lot of notes from across the ocean. Today we have Wiggy from England:

Hi my name is wiggy, i’m from eastbourne in england. I’ve wanted my knuckles done ever since i first started getting tattooed, but untill recently didnt have the guts to do so. Now i have a good collection and im quite covered  i thought the time was right. After changing my mind several times i finally decided to get LIVE FREE. This is because i like the meaning behind it. I think by being heavily tattooed you are living free and expressing your views through body art.


These knuckles come all the way from Portugal with the following story:

Hey my name is Lawrence, and I´m a body piercer/mod from Lisbon (Europe’s Black Hole) where every day thousands of children’s get killed from guns related crimes, coz its a hell right here.

The reason of my knuckles tattoo is very obvious coz my life sucks! I work everyday, from 9 a.m to 9 p.m and I´m a student by night, and I live with my parents. Oh yeah did I mention that I broke my shoulder at work with 10 days left to my vacations and I have done 4 sacrifications jobs with a broken shoulder and no treatment except alcohol? I think when other body mods break their shoulders they just cancel their books and just go home. Like you can see i’m a really thug! Btw, this is all true, except the part of the thousands of children´s getting killed everyday :(


Max Halls sends us these delicious knuckles:

I run a ladies tea club and we meet on a regular basis to bake, knit, gossip, drink tea.  Most of us have children and are very busy (I have 3 kids and run a business from home) so when we can get together its a really special time.  The tattoo reminds me of my lovely ladies and of course, my favourite thing, cake.


Some times in the course of this project, I meet the nicest people. I’d like to introduce y’all to Sega. He works down at Oat Willie’s, one of Austin’s finest head shops. He explained that he had spent some time homeless and always enjoyed life no matter the circumstances. One hell of a nice guy. Thanks for letting me take the photo!

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