Uhm… I don’t even know what to say, except to let Tasha say it herself:

I got this on my 18th birthday which was really only 3 or 4 weeks ago. (October 22nd) I got this because “The Boss” had been my nickname from my dad since I was quite young. I’ve always been good at being in charge and I’ve always been a little on the bossy side. It pretty much defines who I am, and my attitude towards things. I do have stuff written on the sides of my fingers, but they’re totally irrelevant to my knuckles!

Also, I will eventually be getting the second row of my knuckles done soon!


Damn, a hard rock and roller from across the seas.

Hi guys my name is Simon and I came from the sunny capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

I did my knuckles tattoo because I’m sing in two bands for a longtime ( DOLLAR LLAMA & DEATHWAGON ), and my religion is “Rock & Roll”!

I live it everyday, and is something that I’m really proud off! :D

Without Rock & Roll I probably couldn’t live, so that’s my tribute to it!

I have several tattoos such, 2 maori arm long sleeves, a couple of anchors, lots of waves and many others, so it was natural for me to do this ones too.

The knuckles were made by Cias at DHC TATTOOS and they turn out pretty damn good!

Hope you like it!

Cheers from this mate from Europe!


Blake S says:

My name is Blake and I got my knuckles tattooed at Universal Tattoo in Stephenville, TX by Lynn. I chose LONE SOUL because I have always spent a lot of my time by myself and also got the idea from the song Out of Touch by Hall and Oates. There is a line that says “We’re soul alone and soul really matters to me.”


Resident Stone sends us these knuckles. Thanks for your patience man!

These are just versions of my kids names in their favorite colors. Just because I wanted to get my knuckles done and the wife wasnt too keen on Beer and Tits, soooooooooooooo…..

Ps, they were already done 3 times in 4 years, once right. The last time :0) Enjoy


James V. sends in these meat hooks:

I got this because I like to travel a lot, i think it;s the only thing that really broadens the mind and builds character. Nothing better than having stories to tell. Never felt at home anywhere but the road.