My name is Dave Bireley & I’m 48. I had wanted knuckle tattoos for quite awhile but as with any other tattoo I’ve ever gotten I’d know when the time was right & the phrase would be appropriate for me. I chose LIV4 2DAY as an inspirational reminder to make the most of each day I have. We never know which day will be our last. Over the years & very suddenly I’ve lost quite a few loved ones that were close to me. A Brother, best friend, dogs etcetera. The other reason I went with this phrase is to remind me that during good or tough times I need to remain thankful for each day.


I met John Man at the hardware store the other day. He is a recent Austin transplant from Alaska. He says that he decided to get his knuckles tattooed at age 20 while climbing mountains in Alaska. He realized that he was living the life he wanted and that not every one really does.


Ian sends these knuckles in:

I decided to get homesick tattooed on my knuckles simply because I had a really hard time growing up and never hard your stereotypical “HOME” life.
It has NOTHING to do with the album of the same name by the band A DAY TO REMEMBER even though I do love that band haha.


Dixie King says:

I have been sideshow obsessed for years now and was really excited to get this. The biggest problem was I am an elementary school teacher (art at least, so they expect me to be a bit odd) and knuckle tattoos are not generally excepted in that setting. My wonderful artist, Jorge Moreno (Trinity Tattoo Longwood, FL) offered to do ’em in UV ink so i could still have ’em and keep my job. I am so happy with them!


And here is Dan’s story:

Here is my knuckle ink, I just got it done about 5 hours ago. Wanted to submit it to your website. I have always like the line, “fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom” (proverbs 9:10) I’m an ordained reverend, so I found it fitting.

Dan Hill