JohnnyThief sends us these knuckles with the full story:

Did this after my divorce,… my world was unraveling & my vision was blurry,…

We had a storm brew up, real wrath of God stuff, & it blew away all our appointments. Being a bit fried from working too much, I blew off any real work & started drawing on my left hand,… Hm, yeah, that was exactly the mood I was in,… but what to put on the right hand? As I was walking around the shop, Richie B looked up at me & just said the word ‘UGLY’. I said, ‘Man, that is cold ass shit. Let’s do it!’

I was in such a bad mood, I made him do it twice.

Johnny ‘Thief’ Di Donna
Seppuku Tattoo
2213A Rowland Avenue
Thunderbolt, GA 31404



Got these a long time ago, and I’m just now getting them up. Sorry it took so long Robert, but here they are, with your story:

If it is art, how can it be wrong?

My first tattoo was “GAME OVER” across my knuckles.

I’ve been a gamer since roughly the age of three.  Or, well, since I developed the motor skills to differentiate A, B, and a directional pad.

I’ve been saving the princess for seventeen years and, since I won’t ever be getting a “real” job with tattoos on my hands, I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to gaming and the likes.

The tattoo was done by Shawn Booth in Valdosta, Georgia.  Or, as we know him as “the guy with Darth Vader tattooed on his throat.”  No kidding.  He has Darth Vader tattooed on his fucking throat.

He is my hero.

To the grave,
Robert Johnson

!bad news

These knuckles come to us from Tim Lind in North Carolina:

Here’s my knuckles……

Well, my girlfriend hates them….. how about that for a description?

I got them in typewriter font as a play on words….. and my life seems to be full of bad news….. That’s all I got!

Oh, and that’s a bullet on my pinky….

They were done by the King Errol at Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh, NC.