Ryan H. sends us these double deckers and here is his story:

Here is a picture of my knuckle tattoos. I had my hands in a weird position so the picture looks a little weird, but it’s the best picture I have of them. I got High Five on my knuckles because it’s a really Positive statement. My tattoo artist didn’t think I really wanted it on my knuckles until I came in and asked him to do it in complete sincerity. I have High Five on my upper knuckles, and just to somewhat contradict the phrase…

I originally got STR8 HATE because one of my favorite bands (xBRING IT DOWNx) has a song called Straight Hate with a pretty strong message in it. Although it may be a really negative one, it still has a lot of meaning lol.




This classic set comes all the way from New Zealand:

Hey my name is Karla and I am a tattooist from New Zealand.  These are my husband Alex’s knuckles. He was basically trying to find something funny and completely ridiculous to tattoo on them, there were a few choices such as sandwich, bungface, mukpuddy (which is the name of his animation studio)  but we decided on “knuckles” enjoy!

Artist: Karla Hansen
Studio: Streetwise, Newmarket, New Zealand