These knuckle tattoos belong to Bud W, apprentice tattoo artist at Inktown Tattoo in Lombard IL. He says that he is hell bent to tattoo, thus the knuckles.

Edit: I also wanted to add that his busniness card guarantees his work “If you sit fucking still” and is available in Several Bright Colors.


These were sent in by Jake Tong, tattoo artist. His story:

Hi – my name is Jake – I have a website www.jaketong.com. I am a tattooist/artist/professional jerk. Made popular from Robert Frost excerpt in the movie/book “The Outsiders” , I got STAY GOLD on my knuckles for a few reasons- A. To me stay gold kinda means stay young as long as you can. B. Kinda was a way for me to say “I’m set in my career”. I’m also stoked ’cause they were done by Bob Creepy, who was my mentor. I owe a lot to the dude.


Sunshine in Brooklyn, NY sends us this lovely cupcake. Her story:

i got my first knuckle tat as a gift for myself when i got hired for my first ‘head baker’ job. since then i’ve worked for 2 of THE best pastry chefs in the country and i am working on my own company called cakes4rockstars. when i took on a partner she got her first knuckle tattoo to commemorate it. we both plan on getting new knuckle tattoos every few months in the theme of candy and confections. we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Sunshine, we are all looking forward to seeing your next one!


This set of knuckle tattoos comes direct from Tristan W. who says:

i’m currently in Rochester, NY but born and bred in the midwest. nothing but flatlands and cornfields. this ink reminds me that even though i’ve been on the east coast for a decade, my roots are in the middle west. it’s a comfort knowing that even though i won’t be going home, home is always with me.